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Meet the Crew – Ellie Kiumarsian

Meet the crew - Ellie Kiumarsian

1.What do you do at CreditorWatch and why do you love it?

I am a web developer. I love the amazing culture of the company. CreditorWatch really cares about their people, and everyone is looks after one-another. CreditorWatch looks out for their people and gives their employees a ‘Wellness Day’ which is one day off each month. I think this definitely helps people wind down and have a break from working.

2. What does your average workday look like?

The average day starts off with out stand-up meeting which is where we talk about what we have completed and what we are going to do, what is blocked us or any issues that have arise. From there we start working on our tasks.

3. What makes CreditorWatch special to you?

The CW is special to me as it isn’t like other companies where you just work to get paid and don’t really care about the standard of the work. CreditorWatch is special, their employees are actively passionate and want to improve their projects and themselves. Becoming part of a company with a sensational culture, you feel like your work matters and is making a real difference.

4..What’s the biggest career lesson you’ve learnt so far?

Finding a career that you truly enjoy can be difficult, as most of us will experience a job that we don’t like, or that isn’t suitable for us. However, you spend most of your life at work. If you aren’t happy in your role, this will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on your personal life.

5. What was your first job?

I was a front end developer but after 2 years I found I am more fit for backend work.

6. What are you most passionate about?

Reading books

7. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Elon Musk

8. If you could do another job for just one day, what would you do?


9. What was your favourite part of 2021?

Mostly at home nothing too adventures but I loved growing lots of plants and vegetables.

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? What would you want to see?

Japan, go see all the cherry blossoms, eating sushi, experience the culture ….

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Bridget Confos
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Bridget joined CreditorWatch as Coordinator of Communications and Marketing in June 2021. She is passionate about developing and communicating content that assists businesses of all sizes to be supported and protected to grow.
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