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PPSRLogic: Frequently Asked Questions

PPSRLogic: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PPSR?

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is an online federal government notice board of security interests in personal property.

The PPSR is a regulated database of official interests in specific property – including cars, goods, company assets, and other items. When specific types of loan, rental, hire-purchase or other agreements are signed, the property in question (referred to as ‘collateral’) underwrites it. Implemented in January 2012, the security interest register keeps an official log of which parties have a stake in which collateral.

Who should register on PPSR?

According to the government’s rules around PPSR, the following parties may register their security interests on the PPSR:

  1. The lender in a secured loan arrangement
  2. The credit provider in an arrangement where they have provided goods on credit.
  3. The lessor in a lease arrangement.
  4. The consignor in an arrangement where they have provided goods to sell on a commercial consignment basis.”

What is PPSRLogic?

While registration on the PPSR is vital to protecting your property and business, it also has a reputation for being overly complex and difficult to understand. The registration and renewal process for security interests overwhelms business owners, leading to registration submissions that are incomplete, incorrect, or out-of-date. Should this happen, it may result in failure to recover the property if the debtor falls insolvent.

PPSRLogic, powered by CreditorWatch, simplifies how to register on PPSR for Australian businesses. The intuitive platform allows you to create, manage and renew security interests quickly and easily from a central location. In fact, PPSRLogic is the fastest PPS registration tool on the market.

Your team can seamlessly import existing registrations and instantly identify missing or incorrect information, such as ABNs or addresses, leveraging the extensive business data (including ABN, ACN, grantor details, and addresses) from CreditorWatch. You can complete new registrations on one page with just one click, saving time and hassle.

Further, PPSRLogic can easily integrate with ApplyEasy – CreditorWatch’s online credit application tool. ApplyEasy takes over the old-school, paper-based credit application process for your customers, streamlining it into an online form. Mistakes and illegible handwriting will be a thing of the past, allowing for quick and easy credit approval or rejection decisions. Your business might even take advantage of ApplyEasy’s automated decision-making capabilities, allowing credit applications to be dealt with instantly.

Can I manage PPSR registrations in bulk?

Absolutely, you can manage all registrations of your security interests in bulk within PPSRLogic. The user-friendly interface has been designed for speed and efficiency, allowing your team to upload and amend multiple registrations at the same time.

For example, you can register hundreds of security interests at once by uploading a simple CSV file. You can then make multiple amendments within the platform without needing to create any new registrations. These intuitive features save your business time while verifying the data provided to ensure registrations are correct.

This data verification helps to guarantee that no registrations for security interests are rendered void due to incorrect or misfilled information.

What is a security interest?

A security interest is a type of right in personal property as a result of an official agreement, as defined by the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

As outlined on the PPSR website, “[security interests] are debts or other obligations secured by personal property”. If the loanee fails to meet their debt obligation, the secured party is eligible to take possession of the property. It is important to remember that only specific security interests are relevant to the register. Please note that short-term lease, hire, or rental arrangements (under two years) are unaffected by the PPSR.

When do PPSR registrations need to be renewed?

When your business registers a security interest on PPSRLogic, you’ll need to nominate how long you want your registration to last. The default period is seven years, the maximum term for consumer or serial numbered property. For other items, you could nominate up to seven years, up to 25 years, or no end date.

However long the registration covers, the most important thing is that you do not allow it to lapse. The government’s PPSR site recommends regularly observing your registrations to ensure they don’t expire before you want them to.

If you’re unsure which registrations are close to expiry, you can run a ‘registrations due to expire’ report directly on the PPSR. Alternatively, you can make life easy with PPSRLogic, which will provide you with automated alerts straight to your inbox to flag any upcoming expiry dates.

Why is registration on the PPSR critical?

If a debtor to your company goes insolvent or fails to meet terms, the PPSR is fundamental to recovering any collateral. When an external administrator or liquidator is appointed to take over the winding up of that debtor, they will create a hierarchy of creditors owed. The higher up the ladder you are, the better your chances of recovery or compensation.

Registration on the PPSR classifies you as a high-priority ‘secured creditor’, significantly improving the chances of recovery. Failure to register will downgrade your creditor status to ‘unsecured’, substantially reducing the likelihood of success. Your claim gets lumped in with claims from every other unsecured creditor scrambling to obtain a payout.

This process also factors in ‘retention of title’ scenarios – where a client takes possession of the property but doesn’t claim the title until payment completion. In such agreements, registration on the PPSR optimises the chance of recovering that property in the event of default.

How do I implement PPSRLogic into my business?

If you’d like to upgrade the registration, renewal and management of your security interests with PPSRLogic, then our team is here to help. Our industry-leading customer service team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and ensure that you have the support and expertise necessary to transition across seamlessly.

For more information on how PPSRLogic could transform your business, and ensure you’re a high-priority creditor, get in touch for a free demo today.

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