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Toughen up and brave the weather


With a faltering Chinese economy causing shockwaves in the financial markets there are reasons to be cautious about future economic conditions for today’s business. But, while it’s crucial to keep an ear to the ground, getting too caught up in wavering dialogue could see us losing that confidence imperative to leadership. If the ship isn’t sinking, don’t brace to go down with it.

Instead, business leaders should turn their focus to the ways they can make businesses more robust to resist harsh weather.

Here are three ways businesses can bolster their operations:

Maintain a healthy budget – transparency is key

While cash flow is considered to be the life-blood of any business – budget management is akin to the artery and needs to be kept in a healthy state. Not just about identifying waste – monitoring and analysing expenditure can provide insight for future growth opportunities. For example, if more than expected is being spent in one area because of increased sales revenue, then tweaking forthcoming budget amounts to reflect this could result in future sales increases.

Encouraging cash flow

With the arteries clear, now it’s time to stimulate the life-blood – cash flow. It’s already been said that unexpected spending does not necessarily mean over-spending when resulting gains are realised. Offering incentives to debtors for early payment could be an effective method to ensure those finances are readily available for future growth opportunities. Of course, there will be a loss at face value – but is this really a loss when the cash is already in the bank working for you? Selling unpaid invoices at a discount to an invoice financing company could be another effective method to achieve the same result.

Develop a clear strategy

Markets change, customer needs change and technology evolves. How a business responds to those changes over time will dictate how successful it will be in the future. Robust businesses have their eyes and ears wide open at all times and are geared to adapt. Generating a strategy founded upon an accurate vision of who your customers are, what their problems are and how to solve them will secure a strong position in the market.

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