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Why you should be using CreditorWatch’s additional searches

CreditorWatch is not just about credit reports and monitoring. We empower businesses with an extensive range of searches and reports to help them uncover exactly who they’re working with. CreditorWatch is integrated with award-winning search portal   InfoTrack, Australia’s leading legal tech innovator, giving you access to more than 4,500 different searches and services straight from your dashboard. 


When investigating key trading partners, ramp up your due diligence procedures obtain an accurate picture of their risk profile. In this business environment looming with uncertainties, conduct additional searches to gain more control over who you do business with. These searches not only benefit credit teams, but also other departments including HR, legal and collections teams.   

How to level up your investigations on your trading partners 

Business Searches  

Conduct business searches to gain an accurate understanding of a company. Combine these reports with your credit reports to better understand the businesses you’re working with. With increased transparency, you’re able to make more informed decisions to protect your business.  

Leverage InfoTrack’s comprehensive business search functionality to easily search and gather information across a range of registers, including ASIC, PPSR, AFSA and multiple court systems, all in one place. Receive your search results through an interactive data visualisation tool that instantly maps out connections between people, companies and assets.  

Delve deeper into any Australian business with: 

  • ASIC extracts providing information on companies, business names, self-managed super funds, persons, documents and more
  • Full access to the PPSR, including organisational grantor searches, secured party groups and serial number searches 

Meanwhile, when working with international businesses, conduct an International Company Search to confirm the company’s identification, principals, payment history and other important information. InfoTrack’s global search platform provides real-time information from databases covering over 250 million companies worldwide, in a single PDF. As international transactions increase your risk exposure, these reports are necessary to help you evaluate these risks and make smarter decisions.  

Personal Searches 

There are various reasons why you may want to conduct searches on specific people. For instance, to assess their creditworthiness, to understand their background, for litigation purposes or to facilitate debt recovery. When making important business decisions such as signing large contracts, taking on key suppliers, or evaluating potential stakeholders, a personal search helps you gain more confidence about the individuals you’re dealing with.  

Personal searches allow you to: 

Property Searches

Perform searches on a property to gain a full picture of your customers’ assets. InfoTrack offers a huge range of property searches, from land titles and property certificates to plans and dealings. Property searches help businesses accurately assess creditworthiness and personal guarantees, mitigate credit risk and assist debt recovery.  

Features of property searches and certificates:  

  • Simply complete a single form to conduct a national index search of all Australian Land Registries
  • Search in bulk; copy and paste up to 50 titles at once
  • Pre-populate details for your search and pre-select options for common searches
  • Free verification of addresses and proprietors in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland
  • View dealings when ordering titles for New South Wales and Victoria
  • Real-time processing and submission to authorities for fast certificate returns

Managing business risks with CreditorWatch 

There is so much more to know about your trading partners beyond their credit history. These additional searches provide a holistic view of potential and existing trading partners, uncovering valuable information about their backgrounds, assets, legal history and more. These reports not only empower you to better manage credit and financial risks, but also compliance, legal, strategic, reputational, operational and security risks. Take advantage of these searches to better protect your business now.  

If you’re interested in trying out these additional searches and services, get in touch with one of our experts today / sign up for a free 14-day trial here.  

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