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Work part time and manage your finance

Many people are questioning the advantages and disadvantages of working part-time rather than full-time. The reasons vary from personal choice to simple economic realities. Part-time jobs are mostly 35 hours a week or fewer. Taking on part-time while studying or being employed full-time is hard work. But, the benefits are compelling more and more people to opt for part-time jobs than seeking full-time employment.

Financial advantages of working part-time:

Extra Income
For students, opting for part-time jobs will help them have a side income which they can put to good use, like paying for tuition and buying academic materials. Earning an income can also boost their confidence and allow them to have some fun within the limits of their pay check. They can also utilise the money for paying back student loans. On the other hand, employees with a full-time job every so often opt for part-time employments for added income.

Saving Money On Transportation Costs
These days, a large segment of people prefer online part-time jobs. Online part-time jobs give you the leverage to sit at home and complete your work without having to spend money on public transports or by burning your fuel. An employee who is expected to travel for his full-time job can recoup a significant amount of the differential in income by saving transportation costs.

Helps Acquire Money Management Skills
Money management skills and budgeting tactics don’t come to people overnight. Having a part-time job will encourage you to learn budgeting and practise it. This pro is mainly pertinent to students who are yet to step out onto the ‘real’ world. Students are less likely to spend their hard-earned money frivolously.

Other Advantages Of Part-Time Jobs:

Time Management
Students and employees engaging in part-time jobs are more likely to be efficient time managers than people who are not. Though part-time jobs give you time flexibility, yet handling a full-time job or college in addition to a part-time employment may turn out to be dreadfully demanding, especially when you have work deadlines. This will require you to manage your time in a way that you can do justice to both.

Less pressures of timelines
Since you work for fewer hours per day, the pressure involved is comparatively less than a full-time job. Part-time employment offers the opportunity to focus your time and energy on other priorities of your life as well. We have all heard of lifestyle inflation, the phenomenon by which your spending goes up with an increase in income. Many people have reported experiencing the opposite of lifestyle inflation, thanks to part-time employment.

Work Opportunities Available In Australia:

Australia has a wide range of industries and many of them allow part-time employments. Some of the industries are Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Agriculture, Sales and Marketing, Education etc.

How to apply for a job in Australia?

Before you start searching for jobs you need a well laid out resume. There will be many career services which will be able to help you in writing and formatting a professional resume listing your education, personal details, and prior job experiences. It is important that your resume includes all necessary details and is free of errors. Once you are done drafting a professional resume, you can start searching for a job. There are several ways you can apply for part-time jobs in Australia.

  • If you are a student, you can try applying for an on campus part-time job. You can work part-time in the student cafeteria, education centre, computer centre, the student library etc.
  • If you have a specific skill set, you can try applying on portals like and
  • You can walk-in at a local shopping centre or retail outlet and hand your resume to the store managers. Ask them if they have any positions available, if not you can leave your resume for future consideration.
  • You can look for part-time jobs in Australian job search websites. People mostly prefer
    Seek : Seek is said to be Australia’s number one career, job, and employment website. They have a resource of thousands of jobs across various industries.
    MyCareer: MyCareer has jobs from the best job boards and employers. Upload your resume and start rummaging for the part-time job that you require from many others.
    CareerOne: You can upload your resume here and get tips on finding the right job for you. You can explore leading companies and job opportunities that they have to offer.

Job Outlook: Job Outlook is an Australian government initiative. It is a careers and labour market research information site that would help you decide on the right part-time employment for you.

The above mentioned are the benefits of working part-time and the kind of work opportunities available in Australia. Also mentioned are a few Australian online portals which would help you get a part-time employment in the country.

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