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Xero and MYOB Integration with CreditorWatch



Join Forces!

Did you know you can unlock useful new subscription benefits by connecting your Xero or MYOB account with CreditorWatch?



Merging these accounting systems with CreditorWatch is a free service for subscribers that allows us to provide you with information to better protect your cash flow, including which customers are safe to conduct business with and which ones pose a risk to your bottom line.


The key features of integrating Xero or MYOB with CreditorWatch:


  • Receive automatic credit reports for each new contact you add to Xero or MYOB
  • Setup monitoring and alerts on your customers with one click
  • Identify and verify the ABNs of your customers
  • Get more in-depth credit reports.

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Not a CreditorWatch Customer?

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Already a CreditorWatch Customer? 

Are you ready to strengthen your defences against bad debtors? Integrate your Xero or MYOB accounts with CreditorWatch today – all it takes is two clicks.

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