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Abbe Corrugated

Location: Victoria

Customer since: 2016

Company size: 50+ employees

About Abbe Corrugated

Abbe Corrugated has a proud family history, dating back to 1991. The business offers a range of corrugated packaging solutions that exceed their customers' expectations of quality and service.

Founded on values of mutual respect, ownership and teamwork, Abbe Corrugated thrives out of its 20-acre site in Coolaroo, Victoria. The team provide tailored packaging for various industries, including fresh fruit, industrial, beverages and baking.

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Their Problem

Abbe Corrugated wanted a more streamlined way to do their due diligence and needed to overcome some unique challenges.

Mariee Gallo from Abbe's accounts team says:

"We deal with many trusts and often the transparency when dealing with a trust can be a little tricky. CreditorWatch & ApplyEasy have helped in simplifying this process."

The team also struggled with receiving incomplete or incorrect credit application forms from prospective customers.

"Often an application form would be incomplete or incorrect. In turn, the application would unfortunately be sent back to the customer for re-submission, and this would result in lengthy delays in completing a new account approval and set-up," says Mariee.


Our Solution

CreditorWatch and ApplyEasy reinvented the way Abbe performed their credit checks on their customers as well as on-boarded their new ones.

The team find CreditorWatch's credit reports easy to read and navigate, and "extremely handy" for reviewing the creditworthiness of existing customers.

Mariee also credits ApplyEasy for improving credit application visibility across her team and streamlining the entire process.

Mariee says:

"The feature of having all credit applications in one visual portal means we no longer rely on someone list-keeping. We also utilise the ApplyEasy portal as a progress reporter on each application. At any time, any credit officer can pick up a credit application and continue processing."

"I find the monitoring alerts very useful, in particular, when a drop in a customer's credit score is reported. This heightened my alert to closely monitor the customer and potentially re-assess our collection method." - Mariee, Abbe Corrugated


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