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Archa uses CreditorWatch to streamline its credit decisioning.
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About Archa

Archa is a business credit card and spend management platform, purpose-built for high-growth businesses.

It offers small businesses instant credit without a personal guarantee. It’s suite of tools helps businesses manage company spending, reduce admin time and focus more on the big picture.

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Their Problem
To provide a simple and streamlined solution, Archa needs to be able to get credit decisions back to customers within 48 hours.

Archa also has plans to expand and provide more services in the expense management and finance management space. It is looking to build its data integrity so it can solve more challenges in the credit process.

“CreditorWatch helps us drive our speed of decision. Their unique data reveals each customer’s risk score, red flags and even their likelihood of paying on time. We’re looking to grow the depth of data we have with CreditorWatch as we expand our portfolio and service offerings.” – Archa’s Chief Risk Officer, Matthew Round

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Our Solution

CreditorWatch helps Archa streamline its credit decisioning process. Our exclusive data allows them to make credit decisions with speed and accuracy.

CreditorWatch plays a critical part in Archa’s onboarding process. We validate customer information upfront, reveal each customer’s RiskScore and flag any adverse information such as payment defaults and court actions. Archa relies on our Payment Predictor to understand a customer’s likelihood of default as well as their likelihood of paying on time. Archa uses CreditorWatch as early in the process as possible, as our unique insights help to inform its decisions.

Meanwhile, DebtorLogic helps Archa with segment analysis, enabling it to grow its portfolios in different segments of the market. CreditorWatch is also facilitating Archa’s expansion by helping grow the depth of its data.

How thriving fintech, Archa, uses CreditorWatch
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