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Bris Aluminium

Location: Queensland

Customer since: 2019

Company size: 20+ employees

About Bris Aluminium

A family-owned company with more than 25 years of industry experience, Bris Aluminium supply easy-to-assemble partition systems, aluminium door frames and windows to Queensland-based office spaces.

The team at Bris offer a range of design and customisation choices, allowing their clients to realise their vision with quality products and an affordable price.

They are always working with their clients, architects and project managers to develop new products and improve their existing range. It's Bris Aluminium's attention to detail and customer service that consolidates them as an industry leader.


Their Problem

Bris Aluminium has always followed its own credit reporting processes and hasn't encountered any major debt issues in the past.

However, Lyn from the accounts team found she couldn't rely on the data she was receiving from a competitor as it wasn't updated frequently.

After seeing how CreditorWatch's monitoring and alerts features worked in a live demonstration, Lyn made the switch and hasn't looked back.



Our Solution

Bris Aluminium benefits the most from CreditorWatch's real-time risk alerts feature that feeds important information to the accounts team 24/7. Lyn also appreciates being informed when the companies she monitors incur payment defaults or are operated by risky directors.

Lyn says:

"My favourite feature is the live information that comes through to me constantly and alerts me to issues other companies might have.

This gives an insight into whether we should approve credit or not.”

Improve the way your manufacturing business does commercial credit checks with CreditorWatch's innovative features.

"I like that I'm updated straight away when another director or company has a payment default against them." - Lyn, Bris Aluminium


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