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Location: Victoria

Customer since: 2014

Company size: 50+ employees

About Cassaform

Cassaform sells and hires out quality formwork solutions and propping systems to the construction and infrastructure industries. Based in Melbourne, they bring more than 30 years of experience to the Australian construction and rental space.

The proud Australian-owned business provides the industry with “innovative, fast and flexible” formwork solutions to their customers around the country.

Cassaform credits their success and reputation to their focus on offering the best possible service experience. Find out more about their products and services here.

Their Problem

Joe Caprara, the Managing Director at Cassaform, acknowledges that there are frequent challenges that come with supplying to the construction industry, including dealing with large debts from non-compliant customers.

“We face a number of credit challenges in our industry, however the most common one is that our customers often track really well for many months, but all of a sudden one contract they are working on doesn’t go so well. The money starts to dry up and with little warning or notice, we are left holding the debt.

The debt can grow quite large in a short period of time because we are a rental supplier, and once the equipment leaves our warehouse it is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to regain control of the assets until it is physically returned to our premises.”

Cassaform also experienced trouble with their manual PDF credit application that required a lot of back-and-forth from the sales team.

“In this manual credit application process, we would often receive incomplete applications or applications with director details or a company name that didn’t match the ABN provided,” says Joe.

Our Solution

With CreditorWatch, Joe and his team monitor the credit score movements of Cassaform’s customers daily to manage their payment terms accordingly. They’ve also had success with the payment defaults feature.

Joe says:

“Last year, we defaulted against a very large client because they refused to acknowledge their invoice dispute. Within days of the default being lodged, the director called me personally to discuss and resolve the debt. We recovered almost 100% of our claim.”

Cassaform also switched from their manual credit application process to ApplyEasy and hasn’t looked back. For Joe, ApplyEasy offers him the peace of mind that the credit application process is smooth and simple for both the customers and sales reps.

“We have definitely found that our online forms are completed and lodged much more quickly than their manual counterpart. All applications can be managed in one accessible location and they can even be prefiled and emailed to prospects to simplify the process.”

“Managing the creditworthiness of our clients is an ongoing activity that needs constant review and monitoring, which CreditorWatch provides. I do not honestly know how anyone can manage credit today without it” - Joe, Managing Director at Cassaform


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