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How Coface partners with CreditorWatch to power up its decision making process.
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Chris Little, Chief Executive, Coface Australia

CreditorWatch plays a key role in our day-to-day business operations.  As a trade credit insurance underwriter, we rely on key company data to make thousands of underwriting decisions each year.  The information that we source forms a key component of the decision-making process and impacts both our results and the results of our policyholders.

CreditorWatch is our business information provider and our Analytics and Underwriting Teams use their reports and other products to derive scores and underwriting decisions. The team is complimentary of the data and presentation in the reports.

CreditorWatch is heavily invested in IT solutions and customer service and they therefore play an important part in our operations today and will also into the future.  The CreditorWatch staff are very approachable and passionate about their product and their clients, and demonstrate a willingness to provide bespoke solutions.

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