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Location: Sydney

Customer since: 2018

Company size: 7,000+ employees

About Doka

Doka is a world-leading and globally-operating company that offers formwork solutions for all construction projects - big or small.

The business boasts a 150-year history and operates out of 160 locations across 70 countries. It's how customers can be assured they'll receive local knowledge and support for their projects, wherever they are in the world.

You might've spotted Doka's bright yellow logo on anything from housing developments to bridges, stadiums and transportation infrastructures. Get inspired by their previous projects here.

Their Problem

Like all construction and formwork companies, credit risk management and the PPSR are necessary parts of doing business for Doka.

The business began using CreditorWatch's monitoring and alerts tool in 2018 to prevent the problems they've experienced in the past with unexpected company liquidations and risky customers.

Doka's credit controller Amy decided to add PPSRLogic to her suite of credit risk management tools to alleviate the time and complications of registering on the PPSR using the government website.


Our Solution

After a swift on-boarding by CreditorWatch's in-house PPSR expert, Doka imported their existing PPS registrations into PPSRLogic. Amy estimates she now completes each registration within a minute and loves that PPSRLogic offers the option to amend registrations.

PPSRLogic also helps prevent outdated and incorrect registrations by flagging those that are about to expire. Accurate and up-to-date registrations are necessary to protect a business' security interests.

Amy says:

'I’ve been using CreditorWatch for years now, so being able to use CreditorWatch with PPSRLogic is fantastic. The user experience is fantastic and navigating PPS registrations is now a breeze.”

By combining PPSRLogic with CreditorWatch's credit reporting features, Doka are able to trade more confidently and make more data-driven decisions - essential for a business with global reach.



"Doka is saving so much time on PPS registrations. It’s been exciting to see how quick and easy it is to lodge security interests." - Amy, Doka


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