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“We couldn’t operate without CreditorWatch.” Find out why CreditorWatch is a non-negotiable for Genii.
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About Genii

Genii is a printing company that dares to be different. The Sydney-based team pride themselves on being a black sheep in the printing industry and creating more than quality visual designs.

Genii work in creative collaboration with their clients to help strategise great marketing and delivery ideas that provide the best value for any budget.

They’ve previously worked with major clients like the ABC, Sydney Opera House and Lendlease.

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Their Problem

Prior to CreditorWatch, Genii was being hindered by a slow and tedious credit check process. The finance team would request their prospective customers to fill out a form and provide references which Genii would then use to base their credit limit decision on.

The process was flawed and inaccurate as most customers would only put down referees that would give them good feedback.

With CreditorWatch, Genii can rely on accurate and up-to-date data to make more informed credit decisions.

We couldn’t operate without CreditorWatch – this is the biggest recommendation I can give to any business thinking of signing up. You won’t regret it.
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Our Solution

Some of the biggest drawcards for Genii include the ability to monitor customers and CreditorWatch’s extensive data sets that help them get a broader understanding of a customer

Layton from Genii says:

“The data that CreditorWatch collate (such as length of time in business, previous bad debt history, cross-directorship issues) has been a game changer for our internal discussions/decisions.”

CreditorWatch’s sleek and easy-to-use platform also complements Genii’s fast-paced line of work.

“We work in an extremely frantic and fluid environment and need to make quick credit limit decisions. CreditorWatch’s platform allows us to get the information we need fast.”

Learn more about how CreditorWatch’s real-time monitoring and alerts tool can help your business make fast credit decisions.

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