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Find out how DebtorLogic has helped Jotun develop their collection strategy and make “decisive and timely” decisions about their customers.
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About Jotun Australia

Jotun is a leading paint manufacturer with a worldwide presence. The business was founded in 1926 in Norway and has 63 companies in 47 different countries, including Jotun Australia.

Jotun offers various paint products to residential and industrial markets, including decorative paints and protective surface coatings.

Innovation is at the centre of everything they do and the team are continuously exploring new technology to improve their offerings and stay ahead of the market.

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Their Problem

Before joining the CreditorWatch community in 2018, Jotun Australia was searching for a faster and more effective way to do their due diligence on the businesses they were operating with.

Being able to make quick credit risk decisions based on timely data is imperative for all businesses, and this is what drew Jotun’s attention to CreditorWatch’s suite of products, including:

  • PPSRLogic CreditorWatch’s award-winning portal that makes it faster and easier to create and manage PPS registrations.
  • DebtorLogic: CreditorWatch’s ATB-analysis program that identifies customer payment trends and the risky debtors in a ledger.

Nasrin Akther, Accounts Receivable Administrator at Jotun Australia says:

“Before DebtorLogic, we weren’t able to react to a client’s credit risk as decisively and timely. And before using PPSRLogic, Jotun was listed as an unsecured creditor, so we retained more risk.”

“I’d recommend CreditorWatch for the extra security it offers a business.” – Nasrin, Accounts Receivable Administrator at Jotun Australia

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Our Solution

With CreditorWatch, Nasrin and his team now receive up-to-date data on all their debtors and feel more confident in their debt collection process. DebtorLogic has proven a useful tool in helping Jotun make the right decisions about their customers.

Nasrin says:

“We receive regular emails from CreditorWatch about customers who may become high risk. CreditorWatch’s credit reports are also much more comprehensive than what we’ve previously used.

DebtorLogic assists us with our collection strategy and we can adjust credit limits according to a client’s current risk profile. This helps us recover debts or stop a customer’s credit if their risk increases.”

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