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Location: Sydney

Customer since: 2012

Company size: 230+ employees

About Prospa

Prospa was founded in 2012 with the mission to change the way Australian small businesses access finance.

Now with over 200 employees and 10,000 partner firms, Prospa is a market leader with an innovative platform and fast online application process.

Prospa help SMEs realise their dreams by offering same-day approval and funding within 24 hours. Learn more about how the Sydney-based team are changing the online lending space.


Their Problem

Prospa pride themselves on fast online applications and timely customer support.

Zoe, Collections Officer at Prospa, found registering security interests on the PPSR to be lengthy and convoluted.

It would take the team over 10 minutes and dozens of clicks to complete one registration, and this prevented the team from spending time doing the rest of their due diligence.

This is where PPSRLogic can make the most difference for businesses like Prospa.

Our Solution

PPSRLogic allows Prospa to create, manage and renew PPS registrations faster than ever before.

Zoe estimates the award-winning product has saved her team 5-7 minutes per registration.

Watch the video on the left to discover how PPSRLogic is a game-changer for Prospa.

"PPSRLogic is so simple and easy to use, but if I do need assistance, I can get support straight away." - Zoe, Prospa


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