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A Portfolio Health Check cleansed SecurePay’s database of 10,000 prospective clients.
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About SecurePay

SecurePay is an award-winning online payment expert and a subsidiary of Australia Post. Since 1999, SecurePay has provided e-commerce payment solutions for over 100,000 Australian businesses and organisations of all sizes.

The team, headquartered in Victoria, process on average 1 million online transactions a day and support payments from PayPal, POLi and all the major credit cards.

They offer their customers a range of features, including fraud protection, shopping cart integration and account management reporting.

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Their Problem

Before becoming a CreditorWatch customer, SecurePay cold called thousands of prospective merchants to source new customers.

They didn’t know any information about these merchants up front, including adverse information that could put the business at risk.

SecurePay began using CreditorWatch’s credit risk management and monitoring tools in 2016. They opted for a Portfolio Health Check on their database to solve their cold calling woes and save hours of valuable time.

Due to our existing relationship with CreditorWatch, we were able to wash and retrieve important details about potential merchants and perform due diligence before approaching them.
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Our Solution

CreditorWatch performed a Portfolio Health Check on SecurePay’s portfolio of 10,000 merchants.

A Portfolio Health Check provides a comprehensive review of a database by performing data matching, validation and appending vital information from ASIC, ABR and AFSA, just to name a few sources.

A Portfolio Health Check gave SecurePay the opportunity to perform their due diligence before engaging with prospective merchants.

They retrieved details like adverse information, ABNs and ACNs and the status of each merchant before picking up the phone.

SecurePay says:

“For anyone who is familiar with cold calling, this saved us time and we were able to work much more efficiently.”

Need to cleanse your customer database? Learn more about how a Portfolio Health Check can benefit your business.

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