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Sweeney Advertising uses CreditorWatch to perform due diligence during client onboarding and on an ongoing basis.
Sweeney Advertising
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How Sweeney Advertising uses CreditorWatch
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About Sweeney Advertising

Sweeney Advertising is an independent advertising agency based in Sydney. It is a full-service agency, delivering strategy, media planning, media buying and creative.

Sweeney Advertising is small enough to give its clients direct access to its senior media planners, and big enough to command media discounts and deliver effective, measurable results. It creates tailor-made solutions to give each client the best chance of success.

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Their challenge

As Sweeney Advertising offers lines of credit to its clients, it’s especially important for it to know exactly who it is working with. As an independent and self-sufficient agency, cash flow is key. It is crucial that its clients are financially reliable and able to pay their invoices.

Sweeney Advertising needs to be able to identify and avoid risky clients. Although some of its clients may have strong industry reputations, Sweeney Advertising cannot rely solely on a client’s public image to judge their financial reliability. It needs to be able to delve into each client’s company background and credit history to get an accurate picture of their credit risk.

Sweeney Advertising’s General Manager, Clinton Kay, says:

“Our favourite tools are ApplyEasy and Monitoring and Alerts. We use these to onboard and monitor all our clients. We’re able to understand exactly who our customers are, by looking into their trading names and investigating their parent companies. These are great assets. CreditorWatch has helped us minimise our risk exposure and potential losses.”

Our favourite tools are ApplyEasy and Monitoring and Alerts… These are great assets. CreditorWatch has helped us minimise our risk exposure and potential losses.

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Our Solution

Sweeney Advertising uses ApplyEasy to onboard all its clients. ApplyEasy helps it conduct background checks and credit checks upfront. It is able to understand who its clients actually are by investigating their credit history and parent companies. CreditorWatch provides an accurate picture of their clients’ credit risks right from the start.

Sweeney Advertising also uses CreditorWatch to monitor all its clients. We alert it about adverse events such as court actions and insolvencies. Our upfront checks and ongoing monitoring help Sweeney Advertising minimise its risk exposure and potential losses.

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