How to safeguard your business from insolvent trading partners

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Insolvencies in Australia continue to rise, particularly for the construction and retail trade industries. According to CreditorWatch’s Business Risk Index, the rate of external administrations has dramatically increased after the decline seen during the pandemic and is now back to pre-COVID rates.

So how can business operators detect signs of impending insolvency in their trading partners and minimise the impact if one of them does become insolvent?

In this fascinating paper, our panel of recognised credit and insolvency experts take you through the key considerations for businesses when managing exposure to insolvency. We cover:
  • How to strengthen your ledger and reduce exposure to insolvent customers
  • The path to insolvency – warning signs to look out for
  • How to protect your business if a customer goes insolvent

Our contributors to ‘Safeguarding your business from insolvency’ are:
  • Patrick Coghlan, CEO, CreditorWatch
  • Nick Pilavidis, CEO, Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM)
  • Andrew Blundell, Principal, Cathro & Partners
  • Ginette Muller, Director, GM Advisory
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