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Company Credit Check Australia

Company credit check

Purchasing a company credit check in Australia is a smart business decision when you’re not sure what kind of debtor or debtors you have on your books, or when you are planning to assume a financial risk for a business opportunity you don’t want to say no to. The process is not very different from applying for a loan or credit card.

As an individual who applies for any type of credit, you know that you are required to offer personal information that is used to compile a personal credit score relating to the type of risk you pose a lender. It’s the same process when you apply for business loans and it should be the same process any time you offer credit, this includes the goods or services that your business offers to customers.

Monitor a business

CreditorWatch not only offers affordable access to business credit reports, we also offer you the service on an ongoing basis. We can continue to monitor a business credit profile to ensure that any changes to that credit file are reported to you immediately.

A one-off company credit check may reveal important information about a business’ credit score, but ongoing monitoring ensures that you are always informed about the risk your business is exposed to.

To access the credit history of a legal entity you need the services of a specialist credit reporting bureau who can carry out a comprehensive Australian company credit check. We are Australian owned and operated and have not only compiled an extensive internal database of credit information pertaining to hundreds of thousands of companies trading throughout the country, we also expand our credit reference search to encompass data gathered from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Business Register (ABR), bankruptcy data and information from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), as well public records made available by the Australian Courts, and information from debt collection agencies.

We offer a complete suite of tools, traditionally utilised by the financial services industry, which can help you to better manage your accounts receivables process from a single online platform that is easy to use, intuitive and always up to date. Large corporations who are subject to scrutiny from directors and shareholders, have highly effective credit management practices to ensure that the terms and conditions of their contracts are strictly adhered to, or that they have prompt action plans they can explore when they need to. Now that service is available to small and medium-sized businesses in Australia.

We will help you to more accurately monitor your company income streams by offering you easy access reports on the money you are owed and ongoing credit screening from those debtors that appear on your outstanding accounts list. We will also offer you additional financial management tools like including our logo on your invoices to encourage your debtors to pay on time as well help you navigate what you need to do when you have an unreliable debtor who will not pay. Measures can include official letters of demand and how to register a default against a debtor who is unresponsive and refuses to settle their account.

Register for a free trial of our services and run a company credit check on an Australian business by clicking here: It’s time to start making smarter business decisions about how you manage your financial security and prepare your company for ongoing growth and stability with reliable cash flow and a tight accounts receivable practice.