Get paid faster with CreditorWatch's real time credit reports and monitoring services


Avoid bad debt and better understand the risk a debtor presents to your business

What is DebtorLogic?


DebtorLogic is an interactive trade program that provides a data-driven analysis of your Aged Trial Balance (ATB).

It helps you identify your customers’ payment trends across the market and determine your clients’ propensity to pay an outstanding amount.

DebtorLogic reinvents the way you collect payment, minimise bad debt and understand the risk a customer presents to your business.

Identify deteriorating payment behaviour


Upload your ATB and access an innovative dashboard brimming with visual data to help you track payment trends and stay on top of payment terms.

Compare your customers across industry and states and interact with easy-to-read graphs and tables.

DebtorLogic can break down your data even further to reveal your customers’ credit profiles, your high-risk debtors and adverse behaviour like ABN/ACN changes, mercantile enquiries, winding up notices, cross directorships and changes to credit scores.

The benefits of DebtorLogic


Proactive debtor management helps you identify the companies experiencing cash flow problems or who are deliberately withholding payments.

With DebtorLogic, you will...

  • Stay ahead of bad debt
  • Identify high-risk debtors
  • Assess creditworthiness and payment behaviour
  • See how you are being paid in comparison to the market
  • Better manage your credit terms
  • Access unique data sources from corporates and small business (eg: Xero & MYOB data)

How can DebtorLogic assist with your debtor management?

  • Identify your best and worst customers by determining who pays you and the market late
  • Prioritise your collections, adjust payment terms and manage your expectations of customers
  • Reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improve the overall collection rate of your portfolio
  • Reveal adverse and high-risk information in conjunction with outstanding balances
  • View payment and risk scores on all entities to gain a deeper analysis of your debtors
  • Get alerted to month-to-month changes in your customer base