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Financial Risk Assessment

Gain an in-depth look into the financial health of your customers

Understand a company's financial risk


A Financial Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive look into the financial health of your customers, suppliers or contractors. It's particularly useful when dealing with large credit limits, critical supplier contracts or sizeable tenders.

By assessing the financial stability of a company you rely on, you'll better protect your business from experiencing financial hardship in the future.

Find out if the businesses you’re dealing with can pay you on time, supply goods without disruptions or honour their contract before you suffer from the adverse effects.



What does a Financial Risk Assessment provide?


A Financial Risk Assessment from CreditorWatch provides the expert insight you need to determine whether your customers, suppliers or contractors are reliable, reputable and financially stable.

CreditorWatch offers two different types of reports: choose the one that’s of the most value to your business.

Financial Risk Assessment

An experienced analyst reads and assesses an entity’s financial data, including cash flow, income statements and balance sheets, over a two-three year period.

A report is generated by AI technology, providing trends, ratios and explanations on key financial performance indicators.

Financial Risk Assessment with Analysis

This assessment offers a tailored in-depth analysis of an entity’s financial performance. In addition to the features of the standalone financial risk assessment, it offers a custom interpretation of an entity’s financial strengths and weaknesses, an analysis of financial trends over time and tracking of key financial indicators.

Based on an overall assessment of your customer’s financial performance, it also includes expert forecasting and recommendations on how you can protect your business.

The Benefits of a Financial Risk Assessment

  • Succinct expert analysis of an entity’s financial performance
  • Uniform format makes it simple to compare customers
  • Breaks down financial information into easy-to-understand explanations, graphs and tables
  • Saves you the time and complexity of performing your own financial risk assessment
  • Assists you with making high-value financial decisions
  • Produced in two business days at a competitive market price

Frequently Asked Questions

What data does the Financial Risk Assessment use?

An experienced analyst will access formal financial records from ASIC over a two-three year period and key information held by CreditorWatch.


What do I need to provide to CreditorWatch to request a Financial Risk Assessment?

We only need an entity’s full business name and their ABN or ACN to extract financial records from ASIC.

If an entity hasn't published their financial information on ASIC, please request two-three years of their financial records from them directly.

Who can request a Financial Risk Assessment?

You must be a CreditorWatch customer to request a report. If you’re not already a CreditorWatch customer, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Why should I request a Financial Risk Assessment?

A Financial Risk Assessment is valuable for finance, credit and procurement managers wanting to analyse an entity’s financial performance before granting credit, a tender process, a high-value agreement or major contract renewal.

How much does a Financial Risk Assessment cost?

CreditorWatch offers two Financial Risk Assessments at different price points, to meet the needs of all our customers. For more information on price, please contact us.

How do I request a Financial Risk Assessment?

You can request a Financial Risk Assessment on the right-hand side menu on any of your customer's credit reports. If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 50 13 12 or email us at

Download a free sample Financial Risk Assessment