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Business Risk Index January Results 2023


Patrick Coghlan and Chief Economist, Anneke Thompson unpack the reasons behind the subdued Christmas trading period and share their outlook on business conditions for 2023. 


What is the Business Risk Index?

The Business Risk Index is a predictive economic indicator to help guide businesses when making future growth plans and inform public policy. It is a credit rating that ranks more than 350 Australian regions by relative insolvency risk, providing unique insights into the health of Australian businesses by region.

Each region is ranked from best to worst in terms of the potential for businesses in it to become insolvent. The index can also measure the potential for insolvency risk at a national, state and individual business level.

The index is calibrated by data from approximately 1.1 million ASIC-registered, credit-active businesses. It combines these insights with CreditorWatch’s proprietary data.


Patrick Coghlan

Patrick Coghlan

CEO, CreditorWatch

Anneke Thompson

Anneke Thompson

Chief Economist, CreditorWatch

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