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Cash is king: CreditorWatch launches fast and easy debt collection service

CreditorWatch Collect helps businesses mitigate risk, empowering them to collect on overdue or unpaid invoices to improve cash flow

CreditorWatch today launched its automated debt collections solution, CreditorWatch Collect. The latest offering from the commercial credit reporting bureau gives businesses struggling to keep on top of cash flow access to a tool to transform their accounts receivables and collections processes. At a time when keeping the cash flowing is essential for business stability, CreditorWatch Collect will help businesses get paid faster while saving time and money.

High inflation and interest rates, supply chain disruptions and labour shortages are all compounding, creating the most challenging trading conditions for Australian businesses in recent history. As a result, businesses increasingly depend on the successful collection of debts from customers and partners to keep moving. Despite this, CreditorWatch’s January 2023 Business Risk Index shows that B2B trade receivables are at their lowest point since January 2015, with trade payment defaults increasing to 39 per cent YoY.

The optimisation of collections is a critical component of credit risk management and businesses need better tools to improve their Accounts Receivable (AR) success rates and remove slow payers. If they don’t they risk a house of cards type effect as unpaid invoices snowball and cause cash flow challenges across their business.

CreditorWatch CEO Patrick Coghlan says, “the upward trend in trade payment defaults, in particular, should definitely be of concern to business owners. Businesses need to ensure they are getting paid on time to ensure they can pay their own liabilities and have sufficient working capital to maintain their operations and grow.”

CreditorWatch Collect extends CreditorWatch’s range of B2B credit risk management solutions that now spans across customer onboarding and assessment tools, credit risk monitoring, through to debtor assessment and automated collections. The tool provides a new way of collecting debts and empowers businesses to reduce overdue invoices, helping them get paid up to 14 days faster, while giving visibility over debtor account details to identify potential risk.

Head of CreditorWatch Collect, Matt McFedries says, “by providing direct connectivity to major accounting tools, customisable workflows, automated reminders and call queues, we’re helping businesses transform collections to become an efficient and scalable function that allows business owners and finance teams to focus on other important work.

“We know that business owners and finance teams can be inundated with large volumes of outstanding invoices but don’t have enough time to follow up every account. CreditorWatch Collect reduces this burden by automating the collections process on an account level in an intuitive, customer friendly way to help businesses recover outstanding debt faster.”


Interested to see CreditorWatch Collect in action? Book a free demo here.

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