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CrewWatch Episode 6: Our Inclusive and Unique Culture

CrewWatch Episode 6

Building an inclusive culture is a team effort

Creating a fun and inclusive work environment has been important to CreditorWatch since Day 1. Our culture is one where everyone supports and applauds each other, and it’s been an instrumental part to achieving our success.

We come from diverse backgrounds all around the world and bring together a range of different ideas and viewpoints. We share in each other’s successes, tackle challenges as a unit, and participate in team bonding activities like cooking classes and paintball.

CreditorWatch isn’t just a product. We’re a real family, and that includes all our valued partners and clients. Watch CrewWatch Episode 6 below to find out what makes us unique.

CrewWatch updates will be shared once per month and will be different every time. You can expect our CEO, Patrick Coghlan, to provide company and product updates, discuss industry related news and have discussions with staff, guests and clients.

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