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Enhanced Credit Reporting

Build your own credit report

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At CreditorWatch, we are always making things easier for our customers. Streamlining your credit process and keeping all of the information in one place, is something that we continuously strive to do.  This is why our newest feature enables you to build your own credit report.

We recognise that you might need additional reports or data elements within your CreditorWatch credit report. Rather than purchasing them separately, you now have the ability to select what you want at one time and end up with a simple, single report.

This feature is available within CreditorWatch credit reports. Simply click ‘Build a Report’ and customise it to your liking. Purchase reporting elements such as an ASIC Extract, Credit Score, Payment Predictor, PPSR searches or Ultimate Beneficiary Report. There is also an option to select all. The total price will be bundled for you based on the reports selected.

You can even save your preferences making it quick and easy to order the same report each time.

Benefits of Build Your Own Credit Report with CreditorWatch:

  • Select multiple reporting elements  to purchase at one time
  • The output is a single, custom report
  • Single cost
  • Convenient and organised, reducing the hassle of multiple reports
  • Cost-effective and saves time

In addition to building your own credit reports, Enterprise customers now have the ability to automate the ordering of specific credit reporting elements within a credit report company.

Auto-Purchasing is ideal for companies:

  • Running regular reports – save time clicking
  • That need to ensure their credit teams are ordering the correct reports with up to date information
  • That utilise trade credit insurance – this will ensure you order a report that satisfies your discretionary limit policy requirements

How does it work?

When you load a credit report you can have the following items automatically populate into the  credit profile of the website:

  1. Credit score
  2. Payment predictor
  3. ASIC extract (if ASIC data not up to date)
  4. PPSR search

When a credit profile loads, the elements will be live and available to view without having to click them one by one.

Benefits of Auto-Purchasing:

  • Ensure you are accessing correct and up to date information
  • Increase efficiency and save time
  • Better manage reporting costs

For more information on any of these features, watch our latest webinar “Enhancing Your Credit Reports”

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