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Meet Shriya Gosain – Your Collection Solutions Specialist 

Tell us about your role as Collection Solutions Specialist and how you assist CreditorWatch customers? 

As a product specialist at CreditorWatch, I have taken on the responsibility of overseeing all the solutions offered in our collection’s portfolio. My key focus is to comprehend the collection process of our customers, identify their challenges, and utilise my industry expertise to suggest the most beneficial solutions for their business.  

CreditorWatch’s collection solutions play a crucial role in enabling our customers to assess their clients’ risk profiles, make well-informed credit decisions, and ultimately improve their cash flow.

What motivates you professionally? 

There are two primary drivers: the opportunity to continuously learn and develop, and fostering strong customer connections.   

Having worked with FinTech solutions for over eight years, I am well aware of the ever-evolving nature of this industry. Technology is constantly reshaping the world, and being part of forward-thinking organisation like CreditorWatch allows me to stay current and progress alongside it. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, which I find exhilarating.  

Furthermore, seeing satisfied customers and cultivating enduring relationships with them motivates me to go above and beyond every day with a sense of joy and fulfillment. 


Why did you choose the career you now have? 

This role marries together my love for people, with my passion for helping businesses and teams succeed. As a product specialist, I don’t go in with an approach of one size fits all.  

My customer base is diverse, ranging from tiny businesses to large corporations, each with its unique set of issues. This role enables me to engage in meaningful discussions with my clients and align solutions that will make a significant difference in their organisation.  


Why are collections so important in this economic climate?  

In today’s socio-economic conditions, trade payment collections have become a challenge more than ever. Late and delayed payments are at an all-time high, and businesses are struggling with insufficient cash flow. This puts smaller businesses at risk of insolvency and makes it difficult for larger businesses to foresee and plan. 

CreditorWatch Collect offers a solution to this problem by providing an all-in-one accounts receivable automation platform that is seamlessly integrated with powerful CreditorWatch risk scores. By utilising this singular platform, customers can streamline their processes and increase efficiency. It empowers credit teams to credit check, monitor debtors, chase late invoices via SMS and email, collect payments, and recover debt all from a single platform.   


Get in touch in Shriya today and get the conversation going!  

LinkedIn: Shriya Gosain 

Email Address: 

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Sarah joined the CreditorWatch marketing team in May 2023, bringing with her a strong passion for helping businesses and individuals navigate the intricate world of credit through strategic marketing and effective communication channels.
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