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Meet the Crew – Peter Krilic

Meet the crew - Peter Krilic

Meet Peter Krilic, Customer Success Consultant, NSW 

What is your role/position at CreditorWatch? 

Working in the Internal Sales team as a Customer Success Consultant.

What is the main purpose and aims of your role/position?

To maintain, build and improve the relationship between customers and CreditorWatch. Day to day I will strive to provide customers with accurate resolutions to their queries and aim to upgrade/unlock as many customers as possible.

What made you want to become part of the team at CreditorWatch?

The close knit supportive and energetic culture, CreditorWatch’s speedy growth and its quarterly goal structure all contributed to my decision.

What is your favourite aspect about the work culture at CreditorWatch? 

Yet to get a good feel of the culture with the current lockdowns however I have heard a couple of colleagues refer to the ‘Work hard play hard’ motto. I think that’s a great perspective on life.

What does teamwork mean to you? 

To me teamwork means collaborating to achieve a shared goal in the most efficient way possible. Teamwork is selfless and supportive meaning team members should always have each other’s back.

What is an interesting side to your personality that most people don’t know? – a talent or an interesting fact? 

I have a competitive personality and not many people know I’ll comfortably finish a packet of Tim Tams in one sitting.

In your opinion, what’s the greatest tech innovation to ever come to market?

Undoubtedly the Internet.

Who or what inspires you? 

I’d say my family inspires me the most in particular my parents. Honourable mentions to Luka Modric & Steven Gerrard as I am also a Football fanatic.


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