More Data Added to Payment Predictor

Payment Predictor
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Learn how payment predictor can help you

Deteriorating payment behaviour is a leading indicator of credit risk. The payment predictor assists CreditorWatch customers to understand a company’s payment history across a 12-month period, helping to identify slow paying businesses. The payment predictor now includes industry-specific data as well, allowing a comparison between how a business pays their bills versus their industry peers.

The payment predictor will be displayed in three formats depending on the data that CreditorWatch holds on an entity.

Entity & Industry Data

This format will display the payment history of the entity you are viewing as well as their industry average so that you can compare one to the other.

Entity Only

Our original version, this will show trade payment information on the entity itself including current payment behaviour and a 12-month trend.

Industry Only

Where CreditorWatch doesn’t have sufficient data on the entity itself to provide an accurate prediction, an industry payment trend will be displayed.

For more information on how payment predictor can help you, speak to your account manager.