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PPSRLogic: Simplify Your PPSR Registrations


What is PPSRLogic?

Do you offer goods on credit terms or lease, rent or hire out equipment? You should be protecting your business’ assets by registering your goods on the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR).

The PPSR can be clunky and confusing, so CreditorWatch has simplified the way you can create and manage your registrations with PPSRLogic.

PPSRLogic makes it more accessible and affordable for all businesses to register their security interests.

It’s easy to lodge multiple registrations at once, identify registrations that are expiring soon and make any changes in the portal. Find out how companies like yours have benefited from PPSRLogic.

The award-winning PPSRLogic also alerts you to missing or incorrect information in your registrations, like ABNs, ACNs and addresses. 

Learn more about PPSRLogic

PPSR and COVID-19 insolvency legislation changes

All Australian businesses are in financial distress in the current COVID-19 climate. The federal government has introduced a number of temporary relief measures to help businesses, including changes in insolvency laws. 

This is a time like no other to protect your goods on the PPSR and ensure your current registrations are correct.

If they’re not correct, you’re not protected. CreditorWatch’s PPSR experts can check your registrations and guide you on how to complete them correctly so you’re not caught out.

PPSR experts Paul Mead and Lucinda Judd discuss the impact of the current economic climate on your PPS registrations and how to ensure you’ve completed them correctly in the webinar below.

Watch the webinar

Are you a small business that supplies, leases or rents goods?

Registering on the PPSR is especially important for small businesses that are at a higher risk of financial loss when a customer liquidates.

You may have less resources and funds than a corporate business, but you still have the same opportunity to protect your security interests and your livelihood.

Read this blog post on how you can protect your small business with PPSRLogic and why it’s so vital.

PPSA terminology

If you’re new to the PPSA, wrapping your head around the terminology can be more effort than registering your goods itself.

Check out this infographic created by Ledlin Lawyers to learn the definitions to the most common terms and bookmark it for future reference.

Free PPSR webinars

The PPSA is one of the most misunderstood pieces of legislation. CreditorWatch’s PPSR expert Paul Mead joins Terry Ledlin of Ledin Lawyers to decipher the PPSA and explain why your business can suffer if it isn’t followed correctly.

Once you get to grips with the PPSA, learn how PPSRLogic can help you create, manage and renew your registrations without confusion.

Paul Mead provides a live demonstration of PPSRLogic below and explains how your registration protects your business in the event of insolvency.

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