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What the Telstra Business Awards teach us

I was unable to attend this year’s Telstra NSW Business Awards, however two of my key staff were able to experience the evening themselves.

Looking back at the previous awards I have attended, they press those who don’t own a business to consider what they can learn from the nominees.

In a highly competitive environment, many businesses struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is true that many do not have a unique concept, but that doesn’t stop their brand from rising above the rest. While leadership is important, it’s important to recognise that success lies behind those who power an organisation both individually and collectively.

There are some key lessons to be drawn from the finalists who make it to the awards each year.

Uphold passion

Ensure you believe in the common goal. Having a passion for the objectives of the business will not only serve as a great motivator, but will lay down the path for a progressive career ahead.  As keynote speaker, Carolyn Creswell, commented in her closing remarks at the 2015 awards “don’t underestimate passion”. Carolyn is the founder of Carmen’s food manufacturer and winner of the 2012 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year Awards.

Maintain customer focus

In a market with an abundance choice, it is important for any organisation to keep an ear to the ground with latest trends and customer demands. As the eyes and ears in the market place it is imperative to stay in tune with the competitors and customer base and bring your ideas to the fore. Such a culture will equip an organisation with the foresight and time to consider how to gain the competitive advantage.

Be open to change

Market conditions are ever changing. Businesses need the flexibility to ride the wave of that change. If they don’t, they fall. Being flexible in your own attitude to work, willing to learn and taking on new challenges will help your organisation evolve and secure development opportunities for the future. There is no better forum than the Telstra Business Awards to appreciate this as we celebrate businesses for “innovation” as said by Will Irving, Telstra Business Group Managing Director and Telstra Business Awards Ambassador.

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