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CreditorWatch Live Learning – Best practice customer due diligence and onboarding 



Starting 2023 on the right foot – best practice customer due diligence and onboarding 

CreditorWatch is launching a three-part live learning webinar series with industry experts to help ensure that every aspect of your credit management – from customer onboarding to monitoring, through to debt collection – is best practice.

With this first webinar, we begin 2023 by helping you set up for success and getting the jump on your competitors by strengthening your credit assessment and due diligence processes during customer onboarding.

Learning Outcomes
Contributor to the CreditorWatch News Hub
Chameera Jayasekera

Chameera Jayasekera

Product Manager, CreditorWatch

Agnes Eswono

Agnes Eswono

Senior Product Marketing Manager, CreditorWatch

Cerissa Marshall

Cerissa Marshall

Manager - Business Performance & Change, Inland Oil Refinery (IOR)

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