CrewWatch Episode 5: Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

CrewWatch Episode 5
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Find out how CreditorWatch stays healthy and active

Here at CreditorWatch, we’re an active bunch! We take our health and fitness seriously, because we believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind. A healthy mind is important for collaboration, innovation and leadership in the workplace.

Watch our latest episode of CrewWatch below to see how the team at CreditorWatch values fitness and incorporates exercise into their daily routine.

Feeling inspired?

Here are our top three tips to stay healthy and active:

  • Keep it fun: Whether you’re a fan of outdoor running, team sports or group fitness classes at the gym, you’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you actually enjoy it. Stick to the fitness pursuits you find fun and you won’t find yourself lacking motivation.
  • Complement your lifestyle: If you’re a morning person, you’ll find it easier to smash your goals before the working day starts. If you’re in a committed relationship with your snooze button, try a lunchtime or evening gym class when you’ve got the energy to burn.
  • Find a balance: Incorporating a range of activities and movements into your workout regime is the best way to stay interested, build fitness and prevent injury. Achieve a balance of aerobic and strength training during the week and always allow time to work on your flexibility and mobility.

CrewWatch updates will be shared once per month and will be different every time. You can expect our CEO, Patrick Coghlan, to provide company and product updates, discuss industry related news and have discussions with staff, guests and clients.

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