Meet the Crew: Brendan Sherry

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Meet Brendan Sherry, Senior Consultant, VIC

What do you do at CreditorWatch and why do you love it?

I’m a senior consultant at CreditorWatch. I love working in sales and selling a product that helps business trade safely.

What does your average workday look like?

As you can imagine, my day involves sending lots of emails and calling my customers to help them manage their debtors. CreditorWatch is vital to their business and my customers rely on me to be a source of knowledge for the varied situations that arise. It always keeps me on my toes which is what makes each day exciting.

But, CreditorWatch plays hard too, and I like to make the Melbourne office a fun place to be. There is always plenty of banter! I head to the pool table in the office for a quick game whenever I need a break or sneak in a gym session. I find they’re good ways to de-stress and keep me in a good head space.

*Memories from the 2021 Byron Bay rewards trip with Alex (QLD) and Michelle (VIC). I don’t usually fly helicopters in my average work day.

Your role probably exists at other companies. What makes CreditorWatch special?

CreditorWatch has a culture like no other business I’ve worked at. They truly appreciate their staff. My team are my mates and coming to work each day is just like being back in the schoolyard!

What’s the biggest career lesson you’ve learnt so far?

Go above and beyond for your customers. Relationships are everything.

What’s been your biggest achievement in your role?

Topping the sales leaderboard over the past three years and achieving 200% of my target during COVID-19.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

As a sales consultant, my dad was always an inspiration as he worked as a sales manager in the footwear industry during the 80s and 90s. But overall, my most inspirational leader would be Elon Musk. I love what he is doing and what Tesla stands for.

What was your first ever job?

My first ever sales job was working for Tesla selling electric vehicles when they first launched in Australia. I was the second employee they hired in Victoria.

The company was in its early stages of building the electric vehicle market and faced many challenges. Believing in the product and seeing the early adopters come excited to help change the industry was a satisfying part of the role.

I was lucky enough to drive the P100D as my daily ride which would only take 3 seconds to reach 100km/hr. Massive perk of the job!

Tesla was very much a disrupter of the car industry, and I see CreditorWatch as very similar but in the credit bureau industry.

What is your biggest achievement outside of the office?

Travelling the globe twice. I’ve made so many memories and met so many great people along the way that I will never forget. I travelled to the USA, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, India and Africa.

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