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Review your customers annually with this ApplyEasy feature

Apply Easy Credit Reassessment

Do you review your customers on an annual basis?

ApplyEasy makes this easy with the Credit Limit Reassessment feature. This new feature acts as a reminder tool to notify you when a customer is coming up to the anniversary of their initial approval. You are then provided with the ability to re-evaluate the customer’s credit risk.

What is the feature in more detail?

Every Monday, a weekly reminder email will be sent to ApplyEasy customers. This reminder will list the credit applications that were approved, for example, a year ago. Next to each of the listed applications, there will be an option to ‘reassess’ the existing customer’s credit.

The reassess credit application modal allows ApplyEasy users to nuture their existing approved customers and reassess the credit risk with up-to-date business details, without having to go through the hassle of completing and submitting a new ApplyEasy application or contacting the client.

Five main benefits of the ApplyEasy Reassess Credit Application feature:

1. View up to date documents such as ASIC extract, credit score and/or payment predictor
2. Enter a new credit limit
3. Receive a new auto-decision recommendation
4. Make a new decision: Approve, Reject or Amend
5. Save time and costs by avoiding the hassle of submitting a new application

For more information about ApplyEasy’s Reassess Credit Feature, contact your account manager.

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